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GeNee™ Sorter



Boost revenues with AI-powered seed-by-seed sorting and qualification according to use cases


The world’s first AI-powered seed sorter enables seed producers to sort seeds by genetic purity, germinability, usable plant health, as well as customized use cases, in addition to physical parameters like color, shape and size. Suitable for Solanaceae, Cucurbits and Brassica seeds.


  • Increase revenues - turn unsellable into “market value” batches by sorting out the nonqualified seeds

  • Gain a competitive advantage - upgrade New Germination and Usable Plant Standard to 95%.

  • Inventory optimization - reduce production prediction failures, decrease inventory and eliminate repeat semi-annual testing

  • Streamline production – cut production costs with single step production, replacing screening, gravity, cylinder, color

  • Return on Investment in 6 months to 2 years


Suitable for Solanaceae, Cucurbits and Brassica seeds

Powered by Seed-X proprietary AI algorithms

High resolution built-in seed computer vision system with special lenses

High efficiency transport system with 5 KG bunker

Speed: up to 70 seeds per second

Automatic belt-to-tray track system for easy algorithm training

Length - 1,988 mm
Width - 1,184 mm
Height - 1,470 mm
Weight - 627 Kg

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