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GeNee™ Detect



Seed imaging, detection and classification system enables seed-level phenotyping.


GeNee™ Detect uses Seed-X’s proprietary computer vision and AI-powered algorithms to identify genetic traits from the phenotypic appearance of seeds and grains. For example, resistance to viruses, germinability, male fertility, fruit & grain color, size, quality traits and more.


GeNee™ Detect is non-destructive to seeds and replaces the need for time and resource consuming plant-level phenotyping or expensive genetic lab tests.


  • Reduce breeding time

  • Increase the probability of achieving breeding targets

  • Reduce research costs

  • Results delivered in minutes

  • Non-destructive to seeds


Special Seed imaging device

Suitable for: vegetable seeds, row crops seeds, grains

Replaceable tray by crop

Up to 250 seeds in one tray

Portable device

Dimensions: 74 cm X 37 cm X 46.5 cm Weight: 16 kg

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GeNee™ Detect Product