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GeNee™ Detect



Seed/grain imaging, detection and classification system enables seed/grain-level phenotyping.


GeNee Detect uses Seed-X’s proprietary computer vision and AI-powered algorithms to identify quality parameters from the phenotypic appearance of seeds and grains. GeNee Detect may be used for QA analysis and/or as a research tool. For example, for seeds production it may predict the germination quality of the lot. For the food industry it may predict different characteristics such as: Authenticity/traceability of the grains, nutritional elements, protein or oil content. GeNee Detect replaces the need for time and resource consuming plant-level phenotyping or expensive genetic lab tests in a non-destructive method.


  • User friendly

  • Multiple quality parameters

  • On-going AI learning – results continue to be improved

  • Reduce costs

  • Results delivered in minutes

  • Non-destructive to seeds/grains


High Quality image 1000’s data points

Suitable for: a. vegetable seeds, row crops seeds, grains; b. seeds, grains

Cloud base AI to improve results in real time

Able to sample up to hundreds of seeds in a single scan

Creates valuable analytic reports


Seed-X’s AI vision technologies enable a smarter, more secure future for food. Our first of a kind AI-powered seed-level phenotyping and analysis platform is a game-changer for seed and grain supply chains with setting a new industry standard for quality, purity and value. Seed-X’s growing family of products include: GeNee™ Detect, GeNee™ Envision and GeNee™ Sorter.

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