Seed-X and PETKUS are proud to announce the signing of a collaboration agreement on September 28, 2021 to develop, distribute and sell next generation AI optical seed and grain sorting machines.

Consumers globally, mandate improved food quality and safety. The food has to look homogenous, pleasant and without any defects. Moreover, quality increase and production yield in the overall food sector have their own high benchmarks. Therefore, it becomes more and more standard that the last step in seed and food processing is performed with high-tech optical sorters, which are very efficient. Details that can be made visual with these machines and which can be sorted in a second step are providing enormous benefit. Continuous progress is made in the area of computer technology, camera technology and lighting. The software aspect has gained importance and experienced a tremendous boost due to artificial intelligence and deep learning. This fruitful combination of hardware and software will raise the importance of optical sorters in the future even more.

Seed-X, who specializes in AI and deep-learning algorithms for profiling of seeds and grains, is working together with PETKUS, a leading global manufacturer of optical processing machines for the seed and grain sectors, to create the next generation of sorters designed to upgrade seed lots and set higher benchmarks for germination, usability and purity.

In order to meet the market’s criteria for germination, purity and health, seed and grain batches go through an ‘enhancement protocol’ whereby seed batches are sorted by several multi-stage screening methodologies. Yet, every year 10%-15% of these improved batches fail to meet market standards, automatically rendering these batches valueless.

“Seed-X has developed a technology that addresses this pain by using AI and machine vision to analyze and characterize seeds and grains at the individual level to determine qualification. We were looking for a machine expert with unparalleled know-how and experience that shares our vision and can complement our proprietary software technology with an outstanding hardware solution – we found this in PETKUS,” says Sarel Ashkenazy, CEO of Seed-X.

“Technology changes markets and can make a huge contribution when correctly implemented. PETKUS has been searching for technological solutions, that when combined with our mechanical strengths, can transform the premium seed and grain markets. We chose Seed-X’s AI and deep learning technology because it brings genuine value to seed and grain companies and handlers who are left with dead inventory that does not meet market standards. By co-developing this AI-embedded optical sorter, we’re changing the fate of these zero value batches, turning them into sellable batches,” says Dr. Khaled Raed, CIO & Vice President of PETKUS.

“With PETKUS’ sales presence and distribution network in 21 countries around the world, this collaboration is an important step towards creating a new era of smarter seed sorting machines,” Ashkenazy added.

The agreement between the two companies grants PETKUS a license to manufacture, sell and promote the services of AI optical seed and grain sorting machines powered by Seed-X’s proprietary AI algorithm, a move that is set to pave the way for a more secure future for the seed and grain industry.

About Seed-X

Seed-X enables sustainable food security through accurate real-time classification of a wide range of attributes at the single seed and grain level using a powerful combination of AI, deep learning, machine vision and innovative morphological analysis.


PETKUS Technologie GmbH is a privately held, prominent, global company specializing in seed and grain processing machines. Holding true to their philosophy of “Strong SEED. Healthy GRAIN”, PETKUS maintains development and innovation to lead the seed and grain arena.