Building upon their established partnership, Seed-X and PETKUS are poised to elevate industry standards yet again with the debut of OS f3.0 AI, a cutting-edge solution Powered by Seed-X AI technology. This state-of-the-art innovation is destined to redefine seed sorting precision and efficiency.

Netherlands, September 26, 2023 – With a reputation for excellence in AI and deep-learning algorithms for seed and grain profiling, Seed-X, together with PETKUS, a global pioneer in seed and grain processing technology, is set to unveil their cutting-edge seed sorting machine, OS f3.0 AI at the Seed Meets Technology (SMT), taking place in The Netherlands from 27-29 September, 2023.

After successfully enhancing the PETKUS OS P machine with Seed-X’s AI-based classification technology, this partnership has evolved their innovative capabilities, introducing a solution that ensures the highest seed sorting quality through an efficient process. The OS f3.0 AI manages to sort seeds swiftly, smoothly, and at an impressive scale, setting new standards.

Unveiling the Future of Seed Sorting

The OS f3.0 AI, with its robust and versatile nature, meets challenges related to seed volume, size, diverse crop types, and stringent quality standards. Harnessing Seed-X’s GeNee™ technology, the machine handles multiple use cases, like germination, usable plant, purity, and more, swiftly and consistently.

The PETKUS OS f3.0 AI boasts a high-resolution, full-color camera system coupled with the latest optical components, all driven by Seed-X’s signature AI capabilities. The machine expertly identifies minute details to sort seeds according to various pre-set criteria, ensuring top-tier quality lots.

Mr. Sarel Ashkenazy, CEO of Seed-X, remarked, “The OS f3.0 AI is not just a machine, but a vision brought to life. It’s the culmination of our relentless drive to address the core challenges of seed sorting and set industry-defining benchmarks. With PETKUS, we’ve transformed this vision into a tangible, groundbreaking reality.”

Mr. Marcel Wolbrink, Managing Director of PETKUS Selecta at PETKUS, said, “The OS f3.0 AI embodies our shared pursuit of excellence and innovation. Our collaboration with Seed-X is a testament to what can be achieved when expertise and vision come together for a common goal.”

Key Benefits of the OS f3.0 AI:

  • A singular, streamlined process for seed sorting and enhancement.
  • Harnessing PETKUS’s leading-edge optics, synergized with Seed-X’s AI
  • Staggering throughput, handling up to 700 seeds within a second
  • Adaptable to a vast array of crop varieties, dimensions, and hues
  • Achieve a monumental 95% benchmark in germination and plant usability
  • Swift, precise outcomes and waste predictions, optimizing both time and costs
  • Intuitive AI training and cloud-centric data analysis to refine seed quality and consistency
  • Upgrades low-quality seeds lots and reducing seed production costs by up to 20%

About Seed-X


Seed-X is an AI-driven Agri-Food Tech software company revolutionizing seed quality and food safety across the entire seed and grain value chain for the benefit of seed and food companies. Seed-X’s proprietary technology, combining computer vision and deep learning analysis capabilities, facilitates a more sustainable & secure food future by addressing new quality attributes at the single seed level and introducing innovative quality control and segmentation capabilities.



PETKUS Technologie GmbH is a privately held, prominent, global company specializing in seed and grain processing machines, as well as the design and realization of customized processing lines. Holding true to their philosophy of “Strong SEED. Healthy GRAIN”, PETKUS maintains development and innovation to lead the seed and grain arena.

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