Seed-X and Gro Alliance Collaborate to Revolutionize Vegetable Seed Sorting in Salinas, California: This Paves the Way for Enhanced Seed Germination and Purity

Salinas, CA (December 28, 2023) – Seed-X and Gro Alliance are excited to announce their collaboration, bringing Seed-X’s AI-powered seed improvement technology to commercial scale with a new service center in Salinas, California. This partnership is designed to benefit the vegetable seed companies in the region by offering a local solution in the heart of the US vegetable seed industry. Gro Alliance will utilize its expertise in seed handling, logistics and services to operate the center and improve seed germination, purity and viability of high-value vegetable seed lots.

At the core of the service center is the revolutionary GeNee™ technology, powered by smart AI, designed to eliminate low-quality seeds and
enhance the overall germination and genetic purity of seed lots. This collaboration empowers customers to elevate the quality of their seed lots,
minimize unsold inventory, optimize production, and ultimately boost sales and profitability.

“The Seed-X GeNeeTM technology analyzes each individual seed of a given lot and removes unwanted seeds from any batch. The client can
specify what attributes are preferred and the deep learning algorithm can be calibrated for that exact use case.” Said Sarel Ashkenazi, CEO and
founder of Seed-X. “This goes well beyond sorting seed by external images alone. The proprietary GeNeeTM technology examines the internal
characteristics of each seed to determine viability, genetic makeup and can even distinguish between hybrid and inbred seeds.”

Gro Alliance will operate the service center and be the main contact point for companies looking for improved seed quality of their most
important products.

“Gro Alliance has broad experience in vegetable seed through our joint venture in Chile, CIS Alliance, where we offer counter-season nursery services for a wide variety of vegetable species, as well as row crops and oilseeds. Extending that expertise to seed lot improvement in the US aligns with our strategic vision to continue to diversify the business by adding new, high-value, third-party services to support the global seed industry.” Said Jim Schweigert, president of Gro Alliance.

The service center is targeted to open in late summer of 2024. Companies can reserve seed lot improvement time starting now by contacting
Gro Alliance at

About Gro Alliance
Founded in 1941, Gro Alliance is North America’s largest independently owned contract seed corn and soybean seed production company. It
provides GMO, non-GMO, organic, regulated, popcorn and soybean seed production as well a full suite of seed corn, soybean and wheat nursery
services for companies around the world. Its headquarters are in Cuba City, Wis. with additional seed corn operations in Howe, Ind. and soybean
seed operations in Mount Pulaski Ill., Breckenridge, Minn. and Leland, Iowa. It has nursery operations in Chile through its joint venture, CIS
Alliance, and out licenses seed corn and soybean germplasm through Breeder Direct. You can learn more at, and

About Seed-X
Seed-X is an AI-driven Agri-Food Tech software company revolutionizing seed quality and food safety across the entire seed and grain value
chain for the benefit of seed and food companies. Seed-X’s proprietary technology, combining computer vision and deep learning analysis
capabilities, facilitates a more sustainable & secure food future by addressing new quality attributes at the single seed level and introducing
innovative quality control and segmentation capabilities. You can learn more at

Press Contact
Jim Schweigert
President, Gro Alliance
Mobile: (608) 732-8459

Celine Tezartes Strauss
VP Business Development & Marketing
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